Past event
The play’s the thing.
A survey of Shakespeare settings in our first concert since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Streamed live from beautiful Christ Church Georgetown and performed for a limited in-person audience.


  • McDowall When Time Is Broke
    1. Give me some music
    2. Mark how one string
    3. How sour sweet music is
  • Beach 1. Come unto these yellow sands (from Three Shakespeare Choruses, Op. 39)
  • Beach 2. Through the house give glimmering light (from Three Shakespeare Choruses, Op. 39)
  • Seppar Sonnet No. 43
  • Łukaszewski Shakespeare Sonnets
    1. Like as the waves
    2. Weary with toil
  • Vaughan Williams Three Shakespeare Songs
    1. Full Fathom Five
    2. The Cloud-Capp’d Towers
    3. Over Hill, Over Dale
  • Esmail Quarantine Madrigals
    1. Yesterday we sang
    2. In isolation
    3. The mirror
    4. Standing here alone
    5. I long for your voice
    6. Possibility
    7. Hello!
    8. Postlude: Together at last


2020-2021 Virtual Season

“I am very impressed. This is a very good group.”
Avner Dorman